Sunday Wrap-up

This past week of gaming has been a blur of BF3, some Borderlands 2, and…well more BF3. I finally made my way through the series of assignments in order to unlock the M1911 S-TAC which is probably gonna be my sidearm of choice for awhile, although using the .44 Mag to get the headshots I needed showed me just how bad-ass that gun really is.

I also finished Bioshock Infinite a couple weeks ago and I have to say that game was able to keep me hooked until the end, and what a hell of an ending it is. I’m not sure why but I never got around to finishing Bioshock 1, perhaps I should sometime soon. 

In other news, elephnat is starting another emergence from hibernation. Between myself and Match a.k.a MatchstickZombie, we’ll be posting regular updates here as well as creating more content for our Youtube channel and of course our semi-daily streams.